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About us

Culinary Master Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company, founded in March 2009, focused on trading gourmet foods and beverages, manufactured locally and imported, specialized in the promotion and distribution of Spanish, Greek, Belgian, Italian, French, Australian, Iranian food & wine products in Malaysia. Spain has a big offer of gastronomic products, which are largely missing in Asia because there are very few Spanish restaurants and very few Spanish companies coming to promote their products in Asian countries.

We are one of the key suppliers to the food service outlets (hotels, resorts, convention canter's, golf-clubs, cafés, restaurants, etc.)

We are committed with the following principles:

  • Customer satisfaction: Full-service client and customer satisfaction is our key performance indicator, knowing how crucial is to business.
  • Quality Control Procedures: Quality control is an important aspect of our business which ensures our clients receive the expected quality for the products they ordered.
  • Full commitment to our suppliers: We do everything we can to build up open business relationships to ensure fair and even-handed dealings with our suppliers.
  • Constant improvement: We continuously search and analyze products looking for safety, quality and assurance procuring that our clients get innovative, practical and profitable advantage in the market.
  • Absolute commitment and dedication in anticipating and responding to our customer's need through customisation in an effort to build their brand value and loyalty.

The various products that we are involved with are as follows:

  • Spanish Wines - in terms of planted vineyards, Spain is the largest wine country in the world, about 8 x bigger than Chile and 3 x bigger than Australia. We offer an extensive range of wines, Cavas, Sherries and Brandy.
  • French Wines - France has a long and fascinating heritage as the mother of all wine-producing countries.
  • Seafood products - these are traditional, high-quality, salted and smoked seafood products for fine dining, including “Boquerones”(pickled anchovies), Salted or Smoked Anchovies, Octopus (legs or Carpaccio), Mojama(air-dried tuna), smoked trout, smoked marlin, smoked tuna, Spanish black mussels, “Banderillas”, etc.

    Spanish traditional Cheeses - Spain makes more than 100 different cheeses, many from goat's milk and sheep's milk in addition to cow's milk and blue cheeses. We import over 30 different cheeses.

    Belgian Turkey – Full of flavor, grown in a natural environment on a Grain fed diet.

    Lamb and Pork fresh and cured products - Spain is the biggest producer of cured hams and sausages including the famous “Iberico” products that come from a special black pig called “Iberico”. We import cured items and fresh meats from both white and black Iberico pigs, suckling lamb, Lamb Frenched Carre and Wild Venison and Wild Boar meats.
  • Olive tree products – Spain and Greece is the largest producer of olive related products in the world. We import a range of high-quality pickles packed in olive oil and water in addition to some excellent X-Virgin Olive Oils. Products include green and natural black olives, gherkins, pickled garlic, sweet green chillies, olive pates, olive jam and other XVOO products.
  • Other products - roasted Maroon, red peppers, Piquillo wood-roasted peppers, Spanish Paprika(pimenton), Spanish Nougat, Quince paste, Tomato Jam, Fig Jam, fig cake, organic nuts, Arabic Sweets, Premium Juices, Coffee, Tea and much more .

Culinary Master prides itself on providing proficient and excellent service in the following manner:

  • Fixed pricing for the contractual period.
  • We deliver our products within 48 hours.
  • We also cater for customised delivery schedules upon request by clients.
  • We cater for special packaging upon request by clients.
  • Marketing materials are provided to create product awareness thus increase our clients